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16 Sep

I am floating on a cloud.

I can soar.

I can fly.

I am unstoppable.


They reach out.

I take their hand.

I want to pull them up too.

They trick me.

I am falling down.

I crash head-first into the ground.


This is reality, they say.

It hurts, I reply.

That’s life, they laugh.


They cuff my ankles.

Round the left is a chain with a metal ball marked RESPONSIBILITIES.

Round the right is a chain with a metal ball marked EXPECTATIONS.


Whenever I try jumping the weight pulls me down.

They tell me I am all alone.


That is a lie.


Everyone around me is cuffed, just like me.

I lift up your chains.

You lift up mine.


We cannot fly


together we can run.


Shine On Award!

2 Jun

Shine On AwardAs I mentioned yesterday, I was nominated for two awards – the Liebster Award and the Shine On Award. Both had people to nominate, questions to answer, info to share and so I decided to give them each a seperate post. (Liebster post here.)

I’d like to thank The Paperbook Blog for nominating me. I discovered her blog after reading her About Me page which brought a smile to my face, so you should go check it out!

I obviously accept this award and am honored to recieve it. Now for seven things about me.

  1. My cat’s name is Sushi.
  2. I am bilingual.
  3. I wish I had an Australian accent.
  4. I hvae a pizza-slice-shaped doll.
  5. I quit reading The Series of Unfortunate events halfway through the thirteenth and final book.
  6. I wrote a letter to Harry Potter and another to JK Rowling in 3rd grade.
  7. I have five ear piercings.

Now, I’m not sure I can possibly find 15 people to nominate. I’ve already done like five yesterday for my Liebster Award post. I’ll try my best.

  1. Playing Jokers (she’s also a NICE PERSON, and explained to me things I didn’t get when I was still just a beginner book blogger)
  2. Savidge Reads
  3. “I Said I Don’t Know.”– and Other Answers to Hard Questions (this link leads to an amazing post by this blogger)
  4. Thought Catalog
  5. Listful Thinking

Well, along with my other award I’ve covered ten blogs, so that should be okay, right?

Unfortunately I wasn’t getting much views on this blog till I got these awards and so I never even followed many poetry blogs in the first place. Maybe you guys can recommend some? That would be great! I tend to follow book blogs because of my own book blog called Book Bugs Bite.

So, to wrap it up, I am so happy I’ve been nominated and it means so much that Jayde-Ashe over at The Paperbook Blog said she loved my blog!

I’ll do my best to notify everyone I’ve nominated as soon as possible, and I’ll post more poetry soon. This week has been a great one.

The Things No One Told Me

19 May

I came out into the world completely unprepared and entirely caught off guard.
No one told me I’d need thicker skin, to fight off the weather and the people.
No one told me I’d need to figure things out myself, and that no guidebook could solve my problems.
No one told me that no matter how many years I spent studying, I’d always somehow, in some sort of situation, end up saying “I don’t know.”
No one told me where dead people go.
No one told me every solution would give birth to a problem.
No one told me I’d sometimes feel all alone.
No one even asked me if I WANTED to be here.
No one told me how to handle my fear.
No one told me how to succeed in life.
No one told me the point of it all.
But most importantly, no one told me that after years of living and learning and working so hard, I’d still somehow feel completely unprepared and entirely caught off guard.

Untitled / Hadas

6 May

When I was younger I was told we always got a second chance. I was told that mistakes can be corrected and that I can always change my mind.

That flower I tore from the ground and took home, the one I later found out was nearly extinct? I ran all the way back to the garden and tried planting it back. It didn’t work.


Group Therapy

20 Apr

By Hadas

Group Therapy / Hadas (Me)

We’ll all begin by introducing ourselves, says the brown-haired-average-height-has-at-least-two kids-and-a-real-estate-agent-of-a-husband-both-of-them-nearing -midlife-crisis group counselor.

Dr. John Smith, Cardiac Surgeon, states the blue eyed blond haired man to her left, followed by redheaded Professor Mary Thompson, Historian who is sitting on crew cut Sergeant Bill Miller, Ex-Marine’s right who has his chair slightly turned to his skinny-as-a-stick wife Madame Angelique Dupont-Miller, World-Famous Baker who just smiled at dressed for a funeral Judge Claire Gessler, New York Supreme Court.

Jess, citizen of Planet Earth.




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