Fuck Ups

2 Apr

Sometimes I think the only thing keeping us together is that unwritten list titled “Shared Mental Illnesses.” In other words, Our Fuck Ups. Sometimes we’re so crazy that the only thing keeping us sane is the idea that the other might just be crazier than ourselves. Sometimes we’re so sad the only thing that can cheer us up is the arms of the other wrapped around us as we lay in bed crying and wishing we were dead.

Because other times, when we’re sane, it feels like if we don’t get away from each other we just may go crazy. When we’re together we suddenly don’t know how to act. Other times, when the thick  cloud vapors out of our mind through our ears and light fills it up from our eyes, it feels like we don’t know what to do with all of this happiness… together. And when our hands touch the light slithers out through our fingers, making way for the blinding darkness.

The only thing keeping us close is our Fuck Ups so maybe the real Fuck Up is being together at all.


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