Give Me A World

23 Nov

Please hand me a world where people speak of love and actually mean it instead of this world where people speak of the horrors of violence while handing their son a toy gun to play with.

Please show me that place where the good gets to win – just like they always show in the movies, instead of this place where no matter how hard you try you don’t stand a chance.

Please take me away from this dark world full of shadows and scary noises from closed closet doors to a place where there’s hope, a sliver of light, even if it’s just from the crack left in a window someone forgot to shut.

Please help me find a world where the kids can’t wait to grow up and to finally be free, and not this one where Peter Pan’s name is on the tip of every tongue, the knowledge that once you’re an adult all of the sadness in your parent’s eyes will fill yours too – and a kiss from mommy as you lay in your bed won’t be able to cure everything anymore.

Or at least just give me a rocket ship because what I’m looking for won’t be found here.


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